Sunday, June 3, 2012

Can You Eat Healthy At Burger King?

BK's ingredients look like a chemistry experiment, not food. Bryan Marcel shows how to make eating at Burker King healthier. This is the 4th video in his seven part series on fast food. Is Burger King healthy? Is Burger King good for you? Is any fast food actually good for you? The focus of the American diet is calories and fat, when it should be on simple carbohydrates, sugar, HFCS and processed food (lots of chemicals and preservatives). In most cases fast food, such as Burger King is the same low quality processed food that you can buy at a regular grocery store. Burger king food is very highly processed. Burger King uses 55 ingredients, chemicals and additives including artificial flavor to make their grilled chicken patty. It never should take 55 ingredients to make a grilled chicken patty. Most of Burker King's food is highly processed in the same manner. Thank you for visiting Medicine Men. Link freely but please credit original content.

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