Sunday, June 3, 2012

Demand for camel meat in Egypt on the rise amid foot and mouth disease fears!

Egypt's largest camel market located just outside Giza is receiving nationwide attention as cattle across the country suffer from spreading foot and mouth disease. Camel traders flock to Birqash Camel Market with their camel cargoes, as the demand for camel meat is on the rise due to the fear of beef consumption. Camel meat was traditionally seen as a healthier altern ative to beef, due to its low levels of fat and cholesterol, but people are now choosing camel meat for safety rather than health measures. "Now we totally fear cow and cattle meat. So we switched to camel meat. Our cooking and our minced meat and everything is from pure camel meat. We have changed to camel meat after the media's continuous warnings to stop eating meat. I even have heard that the fresh milk is also contaminated with foot and mouth disease." The Birqash camel market opens early in the morning to ensure sales before it gets too hot during the day. The traders import the camels from Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda. Thank you for visiting Medicine Men. Link freely but please credit original content.

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