Friday, May 18, 2012

Diabetic Patient AMARJIT at Diabetic Foot Care Centre, Satyam Hospital Dr kk arora, Ludhiana, Punjab!

Diabetes is very dangerous disease with multiple organs involvement and if it is not treated properly it leads to multiple complications. As the time passes, the rate and incidence of complications also goes on increasing. The first and foremost effect of long standing diabetes is on foot. Feet are first to get affected with diabetes. The complication of diabetes at the lower limb still represents the most prevalent cause of lower extremity amputation and this problem is bound to increase because of sharp increase of the incidence of diabetes an its complications. Amputations of the foot are usually performed in a cookbook fashion depending on the necrosis. As a result salvageable foot length is unnecessary sacrificed and the plantar surface area is decreased. The subsequent increase in the weight per cm square and the lack of attention to the altered biomechanics of the amputated foot renders it more susceptible to breakdown which can be as high as 80% with in 2 years.

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