Saturday, May 12, 2012

Perioral Dermatitis Treatment!

In this tutorial, Chris Schach M.D. discusses the therapeutic approach to this common acneiform eruption commonly seen in women and children. Learn about other dermatological conditions by visting our website. Key Points *Common skin condition typically affecting the skin surrounding the mouth and nose *Exact cause is unknown, may be related to microorganisms in follicles, irritants, or use of certain topical medications *Majority of affected persons are women and children *Consists of groupings of small red bumps which may be accompanied by itching or sensitivity with a scaly red rash

Perioral dermatitis is a common skin condition which typically affects the skin surrounding the mouth (perioral) and the nose (perinasal). Occasionally, the rash will surround the eyes (periocular) The condition consists of groupings of small, red bumps which may be accompanied by itching or tenderness. Skin in the affected area may be flaky, dry and pink in color. The area tends to be sensitive and may sting or burn with minimal irritation. Lesions usually occur around the mouth, and often involve the skin around the nose as well. Lesions may also spread to the skin of the chin, cheeks and eyes.

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