Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lasik Eye Surgery explained!

This is the Science Friday (National Public Radio) video about LASIK eye surgery. The funny thing about this video is that the narrator, who is probably also the producer, is a lot more nervous about LASIK laser vision correction than the patient himself. He is cool as a cucumber, I had LASIK myself, didn't think it was a big deal and now I see fantastic. The video features Steven Vale, M.D., medical director of Acuity Laser Eye & Vision Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Dr. Vale is one of the most well-respected and experienced Lasik surgeons in the world. Dr. Vale has performed over 21,000 laser vision correction surgeries. Dr. Vale's ability and experience really comes out in this otherwise realistic and detailed glimpse at the world of laser vision correction surgery.
The following video explains exactly how LASIK corrects vision problems. Brought to you by San Diego's Clearview Eye Laser and Medical Center.

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